Suspended Covers

At Cover Wrap Specialist, the purpose of a temporarily suspended ceiling is to allow your business to operate without any interruptions during repairs, renovations, and/or construction. Please contact us today to get started!

We also provide a specific temporary suspended ceiling for telecommunication facilities. Our 6 MIL fire retardant, anti-static film prevents electric static discharge which can cause latent damage to your electronic items.

Keep Areas Clear & Dust Free

Barriers & Walls

Need a barrier or a wall wrap? We have you covered! The purpose of this system is to contain construction debris and keep adjacent areas clear and dust free! 

These partition wall wraps are secured from the ceiling to the floor and can be installed almost anywhere. You can also use these as a temporary wall to prevent outdoor elements from penetrating into the facility. 

We Will Air Wash the Dust

High Structure Cleaning

Our high structure cleaning services allow our crew members to lightly air wash the dust and debris that is laying about 2-3 feet above the plastic. Please contact us today to get started on some high-structure cleaning!

We Do Numerous Projects

Custom Applications

At Cover Wrap Specialist, we do numerous projects that often require specialized applications that go beyond our standard services. We have many different and unique ways to wrap whatever you need!